Executive Education Programs for Individuals

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Whether you're looking for an additional degree, a refresher to stay up on current trends, or to expand your area of expertise with something new - we are here to help.

Executive Education at Fisher offers a variety of options for busy professional ranging from 2-day on-campus programs, online certificates, executive master's degrees, and more. Explore the options below, or reach out to a member of our team. Our staff is here to help you find the best fit for your unique goals. 

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Topic-Based Programs

Our topic-based programs are a great way to freshen up your skills or explore a new area of business. Taught by Fisher's top faculty, these short-term, typically two-day on-campus programs focus on a specific topic, such as finance or supply chain, and are catered to busy professionals. 

  • Leading Across Generations

    Effectively influence and lead multi-generational teams.

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  • Energy Transition and the Supply Network

    Organizations must take positive action in the energy transition to stay viable in today's ever-evolving landscape.

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  • Advancing Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

    Advancing equity, inclusion and belonging within an organization requires learning to value the experiences of colleagues with different backgrounds and viewpoints

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  • Supply Chain Management

    Create customer value and competitive advantage in this two-day program.

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  • Business Analytics: From Data to Insights

    Analytics play a crucial role in helping organizations make informed decisions, improve efficiency and achieve their goals.

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  • Innovation in Healthcare

    Learn best practices and innovative approaches to meet new challenges in the healthcare industry head-on.

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    Discover the power of AI and understand the governance required to unleash it.

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  • Mastering Leadership and Negotiation

    Fine-tune your ability to lead through change and be a catalyst.

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  • Leadership in a Post-Covid World

    Understand the complexities of today's workplace and be better equipped to lead in this new environment.

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  • Finance Bootcamp for Non-Finance Leaders

    Successful businesses prioritize financial fluency.

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  • IT Business Strategy

    IT professionals must know how to develop an IT strategy that meets the needs of the business

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  • LSS Green Belt Certification

    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training uses time-tested processes to enable your company to increase profits, strengthen market share and improve customer satisfaction.

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  • LSS Black Belt Certification

    The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt body of knowledge and is beneficial for any industry, including manufacturing, service, health care, retail, logistics, finance and technology.

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  • Lean Offerings

    Implement process improvements, in an accelerated and cost effective manner, to increase organizational strategic competitive advantage.

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Certificate of Leadership Excellence

Participants who take any four 2-day topic-based programs over the course of two years and complete a Capstone Change Initiative project in conjunction with professional coaching will receive a Certificate of Leadership Excellence. 

  • Certificate of Leadership Excellence

    Define your learning experience in alignment with your personal and career goals.

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Certificates & Microcredentials

Certificates and microcredentials are convenient ways to achieve training in specific areas of focus and help you earn credit hours that can be applied to the Working Professional MBA program at Fisher.

  • Graduate Certificate in IT Business Strategy

    Learn how to anticipate, assess and prioritize how a company responds to market forces through the lens of business strategy, ultimately earning a voice at the strategy table.

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  • Fintech Microcredential

    Dive into the emerging technologies that organizations use to improve and automate the delivery of financial services.

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Association Partner Programs

Fisher College of Business has partnered with several associations for working professionals to provide unique education experiences for their members taught by Fisher faculty and created with the association's industry or area of focus at the forefront. 

  • Ohio Chamber of Commerce CEO Forum

    Gain a network of like-minded c-suite peers committed to scaling their business and help each other succeed

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  • Builders Exchange Rising Leaders Institute

    Prepare high potential individuals to serve as future leaders in the construction industry

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  • SAMBA Mini-MBA Graduate Healthcare Certificate

    Developing business acumen to create visionary physician leaders

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Our Executive Education degree programs are for individuals who have already completed a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. The following programs were built with experienced professionals in mind. Schedule a chat with a member of our team to learn more. 

  • Executive MBA

    For experienced professionals seeking to grow as well-rounded principled leaders equipped with a versatile skill set to make high-level strategic decisions.

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  • Master of Business Operational Excellence

    An innovative 13-month executive master’s degree program focused on preparing leaders who are able to design and manage at various levels within their organizations.

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  • Additional Graduate Offerings

    Explore other graduate offerings from Fisher College of Business

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Additional Events and Learning Opportunities

  • Events and Webinars

    Connecting organizations on their journeys to build and sustain a culture of problem solving and continuous improvement

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Contact Us

We're here to help determine what program is the best fit for your unique goals, and current situation. If there's a specific program you may be most interested in, please reach out to a member of our team:

  • Executive MBA or Master of Business Operational Excellence - Aaron Clark, Clark.3073@osu.edu
  • Graduate Certificates, Microcredentials or Topic programs - Jennie McAndrew, McAndrew.28@osu.edu