We are Fisher

There always will be a future-focused need for the careful study of accounting, finance, management, operations and analytics, marketing and logistics. They are the foundations of business and the building blocks of successful, professional careers.

But a business education today — one that prepares tomorrow’s leaders for immediate and lasting impact — goes deeper. It places these fundamentals into a new and broader context. It’s about global awareness, challenging convention and traditional thinking, and a mindset that balances ambition and with principles.

At The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business, we believe business leadership requires a distinct and nuanced set of skills for a world that’s changing at a pace never before seen. Innovation and entrepreneurial curiosity can create new markets and disruption virtually overnight. A strong global perspective questions the familiar and presents the potential to forge untold partnerships. A focus on a greater good and social responsibility is redefining the way organizations operate.

All of these skills test the balance of risk and reward. They also bring into greater focus the importance of gaining the leadership principles necessary to navigate new ideas and opportunities.

These central themes — innovation and entrepreneurial curiosity, global awareness, social responsibility and principled leadership — are essential differentiators for Fisher graduates as they enter the workforce. These themes are woven into our curriculum and programs; they guide our faculty thought leaders; and they directly reflect the values of our college’s namesake. These skills are essential for an engaging and impactful educational experience on our campus —and for our students’ success beyond it.

Because at Fisher, we don't produce business graduates. We produce business leaders.

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