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There’s more to the future of business than those with the ability to do or think. Tomorrow’s companies and marketplaces will be shaped by those who can lead.

For more than a century, visionaries, entrepreneurs, strategists and practitioners have turned to The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business for the educational skills and perspectives that have transformed how business is done.

Why? Because we know leadership.

Our top-ranked programs, distinguished faculty and a global network of partners and engaged alumni combine to create a student experience unrivaled in depth of knowledge and breadth of opportunity. The result is generation upon generation of proud Business Buckeyes — graduates in-demand by many of today’s leading organizations because they’re uniquely prepared to lead.

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  • Open/Close Undergraduate Programs

    Distinguish yourself. Experience Fisher.

    What separates Fisher’s undergraduate program from the rest?

    It’s a unique combination of top-ranked programs and immediate access to the extraordinary depth and breadth of resources that The Ohio State University offers as one of the largest and most respected research institutions in the world.

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  • Open/Close MBA Programs

    Personalized. Integrated. Experiential.

    Home to a collaboratively competitive environment, recognized faculty and a vast network of business partnerships that reaches across the globe, Fisher’s MBA programs connect tomorrow’s leaders with the skills, experiences and knowledge to get them from where they are, to where they want to go.


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  • Open/Close Specialized Master’s Programs

    You can know business. Or you can master it.

    From human capital, to big data, to the movement of goods, a specialized master’s degree from Fisher is a professional differentiator.

    A graduate degree in one of seven specialized and strategic areas provides leaders with the skills necessary to compete and succeed in crowded and complex marketplaces.

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  • Open/Close PhD Programs

    Where theory meets practice.

    Built on a tradition of excellence in scholarship, Fisher’s PhD program equips tomorrow’s thought leaders with the educational rigor, teaching experience and research opportunities to emerge as the next generation of academics.

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  • Open/Close Executive Education

    Knowledge, insights and intuition.

    Fisher’s Executive Education degree programs are comprehensive and integrative, offering today’s professionals and tomorrow’s leaders opportunities to explore issues and challenges at the forefront of business.

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