Aerial view of downtown Columbus skyline

Fintech is a dynamic and rapidly scaling field that presents limitless opportunities that exist at this intersection of the finance and technology industries. Home to several of the world’s leading fintech experts, The Ohio State University and Fisher College of Business are dedicated to expanding boundaries and elevating this exciting and convergent area through research, business and community partnerships, experiential learning and education and beyond. Continued investment into better understanding and harnessing the capabilities of this growing field will help creating lasting impact within fintech, its workforce development and among the next generation of industry leaders.

Home to the fifth-largest financial services industry, Columbus is a natural fit for scalable understanding of fintech. The industry is key to the region’s economy and, as part of its modern land-grant mission, Ohio State is dedicated to serving as a fintech thought leader in all that it does — from research, to creating business and community partnerships, educating tomorrow’s leaders and building a talented and agile workforce.

Thanks to a generous gift from Fintech71, The Ohio State University and Fisher College of Business have hosted and launched the following events and initiatives in the fintech space.

Fintech Initiatives at Fisher