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QUIC Certification

Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate Program

The Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate Program (QUIC) allows students to prepare, practice, and receive feedback on their interviewing skills through a 1-hour mock interview called the QUIC Interview.

The goal of QUIC is to help Fisher candidates excel in interviews and receive more offers for full-time and internship employment. Successfully completing the QUIC program will provide you with complete access to on-campus interview opportunities organized through Handshake.

What are the benefits to becoming QUIC-Certified?

  • NEW: Receive a Transcript Designation of the QUIC Certification (this will show up on students' Advising Report and Official Transcript after passing the QUIC interview)

  • Individualized coaching and interview practice with a Career Consultant in the Office of Career Management

  • Students who complete the QUIC process are more likely to report a job by graduation and are earning higher salaries than those who do not

  • Gain access to on-campus interviews (both internships and full-time positions)

Already scheduled your QUIC interview? Click here for required preparation steps for QUIC.

How do Fisher students become QUIC?

  • Open/Close STEP 1: Create a professional resume ready for employer review

    Resume examples are available via the Office of Career Management (OCM) website. If you would like assistance, stop by 150 Gerlach Hall to meet with a Peer Career Coach during drop-in hours or make an appointment with a Career Consultant through Handshake.

  • Open/Close STEP 2: Stand out to employers with a completed profile on Handshake

    Go to OCM’s website and click on Handshake. Log in using your OSU name.# and OSU password. Complete your Handshake profile and upload your resume. The more completed your profile, the easier it is for employers to view your information. A completed Handshake profile should include the following:

    1. A professional profile picture
    2. Specify your school year (Freshman-Senior)
    3. Work Experience (at least one- if you do not have formal work experience, please put volunteer or extracurricular experience)
    4. Organizations/Extracurriculars
    5. Coursework completed (especially business/major related courses)
    6. Bio section (called "My Journey" in Handshake).  This could be similar to your LinkedIn bio or personal brand statement.
    7. Minimum of five skills

    **Remember, if you want employers to actively recruit you via Handshake, you must make your profile public

  • Open/Close STEP 3: Learn about interviewing techniques, Handshake, and Office of Career Management policies through the Carmen QUIC Modules

    Students who wish to complete the QUIC process must complete a series of 6 online modules through Carmen, Ohio State's course management system.

    On CARMEN, under “My Courses” Fisher students have access to the "QUIC Modules." If for any reason you don’t see this listed, click the check box next to “Other” on the right side of the screen under “Filter.” There are 6 modules with a quiz at the end of each. When you have completed all six modules (which will take one hour, on average, to complete), you will have a better understanding of the services we provide, know how Handshake works, and understand OCM policies.

    Already completed the QUIC Modules in Carmen and looking to review them again?  Here is a PDF with all the QUIC Module content 1-6 (minus quizzes).

    **Note for international students: Learn about unique aspects of the job/internship search by additionally completing the Carmen International Student Workshop Modules. This workshop requirement can be completed online via Carmen. To access the online version of the workshop on CARMEN, under “My Courses” you should see the “Office of Career Management – Undergraduate International Student Workshop.”

  • Open/Close STEP 4: Practice interviewing skills and pass a QUIC interview

    Once you pass your QUIC modules, you will be able to sign up for a QUIC interview in Handshake. To sign up for a QUIC interview, log into Handshake. Be sure that your school year (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) and school/college are filled in on your profile. Click on Career Center, then Appointments, then click on Schedule a New Appointment. Once you select your Category, you will see a list of Appointment Types - click on FCOB: Undergraduate QUIC Interview and follow the instructions from there.

    Here is a 2-minute video tutorial on how to schedule your QUIC interview:

    When you schedule your QUIC interview you will be asked to select a company and job description. You are expected to:

    • Do company research and infuse your knowledge into your interview answers, just like you would in a real interview.
    • Arrive (or log in for virtual interviews) 10-15 minutes early for your QUIC interview.
    • Bring at least 2 copies of your most updated resume (and make sure your resume is updated on your Handshake profile).
    • Wear a suit (business professional attire is required).

    QUIC interviews will be 1 hour long, and will be conducted by a staff member of the Career Management team.  To prepare for your QUIC interview, review the QUIC Preparation web page.

  • Open/Close STEP 5: Gain access to on-campus interviewing opportunities through Handshake

    QUIC helps you develop skills in interviewing and prepares you to do well in on-campus interviews conducted by employers who come to recruit at the Fisher Office of Career Management. All students must pass their QUIC interview (become QUIC certified) before they can participate in on-campus interviewing.

    Resume submission deadlines for on-campus interviews typically end 3 to 4 weeks before the interviews. There is no on-campus recruiting during summer term.

    Good Luck!

What if i need to cancel my QUIC Interview?

Students are easily able to cancel their QUIC interview within Handshake as long as they cancel more than 24 hours in advance.

  • Consider how delaying your progress to become QUIC by cancelling your interview will impact your search for an internship or full-time position.
  • Canceling a QUIC interview less than 24 hours in advance is a violation of our policies under “Interviewing” and then “When you need to CANCEL or Request and Interview”.