Charles A. Dice Center for Financial Economics

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Charles A. Dice

The Charles A. Dice Center for Research in Financial Economics is dedicated to promoting high-quality research in financial economics at The Ohio State University. The center is especially interested in sponsoring research which is of importance to the financial community of Ohio and the United States.

Center Activities

The Charles A. Dice Center mission is to use its resources to promote excellence in finance research at The Ohio State University. Thus, the Center has supported its junior and senior faculty with supplemental grants to be used for data-sets, travel and subscriptions. In addition, the Center uses its resources to purchase important research related databases and equipment. The Center also supports Ph.D. students at Ohio State and actively participates in the recruitment phase of the Ph.D. program.

Charles A. Dice Endowment

The Charles A. Dice Center for Financial Research at Ohio State has an endowment in excess of $2 million, made possible by the generosity of Oda Dice Demarest, in memory of her brother Charles A. Dice, who taught finance at the college for many years. The Center was created with the strong support of The Ohio State University through an Academic Challenge Grant.

Charles A. Dice was on the faculty of The Ohio State University from 1919 to 1948 in the old Department of Business Organization and Economics, then in the College of Commerce and Administration. In WWI he served on the U.S. Shipping Board. He obtained his education at The Ohio State University, Missouri and Harvard University. His Harvard Ph.D. dissertation was entitled An Introduction to the Theory of Consumption.

Charles A. Dice also published a 667 page book called The Stock Market in 1926. He also wrote a column on investing that was syndicated in major newspapers throughout the United States. His salary was $4,250 a year as a full professor. Charles A. Dice was born on November 5, 1878 and died on May 27, 1969. He was survived by his sister Oda Dice Demarest.