Center for Real Estate

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Thought leadership for the built environment 


Our Vision

The Ohio State University Center for Real Estate is the interdisciplinary nexus of thought leadership for the built environment. We foster interconnectivity among students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals within the real estate ecosystem. 


Our Mission

Bridging academia and industry, developing alliances, and designing premier experiences to grow and sustain a legacy. 

We produce excellence across the pillars of Connection, Collaboration, and Commitment. We bridge academia and industry by linking resources, ideas, and people to foster Connection. We develop alliances and partnerships to exchange knowledge, deliver relevant initiatives, and expand stakeholders’ networks to cultivate Collaboration. We design premier experiences to grow and sustain a legacy of lifelong learning and engagement to advance industry Commitment


Our Stakeholders

The Center convenes an array of stakeholders. These constituents include professionals from local, regional, and national domains that operate within both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, as well as representatives within academia. This varied cohort is comprised of disciplines that represent the entirety of the real estate industry: finance, development, advisory, brokerage, law, policy, research and academia, advocacy, planning, architecture and design, construction, and affiliates thereof. A common bond among the Center’s stakeholders is a strong desire to engage in lifelong learning and collaboration.



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