Master of Business Administration
Coaching and Professional Development

Coaching at Fisher

Take control of your leadership legacy while building diverse, career-shaping skills and relationships with your peers, our faculty, corporate partners and community organizations.

An immersive experience.

Our intentionally small class sizes create engaging and collaborative classroom experiences while fostering meaningful opportunities our MBA students can learn from each other.

Sustained support.

Every MBA student receives access to career services not found at other institutions. A dedicated team consisting of an experienced career coach, professional development coach and academic advisor will work with you to understand your academic needs and professional goals. The Office of Career Management, dedicated solely to providing Fisher students and alumni with award-winning career consultation and professional development, provides lifelong career services that leverage the breadth of Fisher and Ohio State’s partner and alumni networks.

Fisher's Office of Career Management

  • Professional Development

    Fisher Professional Development Coaches help you maximize your growth by tailoring the coaching experience to your personal interests and professional goals.

    Let us help you become the person you want to be. Begin your journey of self-discovery by applying to the Fisher Professional Development Coaching program.

    BUILD Coaching

    • Leveraging the BUILD leadership assessment, this one-time session establishes an evidence-based foundation for your leadership development journey
    • Increases self-awareness, provides insight into your leadership competencies, and focuses on improving weaknesses and solidifying strengths.

    1:1 Coaching

    • Receive personalized, in-depth coaching sessions from a trained Fisher Professional Development Coach
    • Coaching is tailored to meet your specific needs, assisting you in overcoming obstacles and reaching your full potential as a leader

    Group Coaching

    • Engage in group-based coaching in an open and relaxed environment with your fellow graduate students
    • Provides you with an opportunity to build relationships, practice accountability and gain informal feedback in a supportive environment alongside your peers


    Fisher's Professional Development Coaching

  • Career Coaching

    Experienced Career Coaches partner and collaborate with you to solidify your career goals and implement the strategies to succeed in your internship and career search.

    Take ownership of your career success by connecting with a Fisher Career Coach and leveraging career-related resources.

    Individual Career Coaching

    • Personalized, one-on-one coaching equips you to take ownership of all aspects of your job search
    • Career Coaches guide you as you develop your résumé and job search correspondence, create personalized internship/job search strategies, refine your interviewing skills and establish your personal brand and online presence
    • Discover alumni and employer connections that align with your career goals, interests and passions

    Group Coaching 

    • Participate in small, group-based Job Search Action Teams facilitated by a Fisher Career Coach
    • Explore successful job search strategies with your peers in a supportive, positive, forward-thinking and action-oriented environment
    • Build relationships and reinforce on-going accountability


     Careers & Recruiting

  • Academic Coaching

    Your Academic Coach works with you to navigate all of the academic options available at Fisher and Ohio State and to offer curricular suggestions aligned with your career goals.

    Navigate the academic offerings at Fisher and Ohio State with the help of an Academic Coach — a resource dedicated to ensuring that your experience, expectations, concerns and degree planning are personalized and optimized for your success.

    Academic Coaching

    • Guides you in creating a customized curriculum based on your academic interests and professional goals
    • Offers advising for registration, course offerings, course selection and optional pathways
    • Communicates and administers academic policies and procedures, reviews academic standing and assists with academic hardships and warnings
    • Reviews and tracks your progress to assure adherence to graduation requirements
    • Provides a point of contact for a number of issues, from questions about resource availability at Fisher to academic and non-academic issues


    Academic Coaching

Build Leadership AssessmentLeadership Development at Fisher:

Building strong leadership skills and a competitive edge is critical for all, but especially for our incoming Full-Time MBA students.  Explore Fisher’s leadership development programs, including our BUILD Leadership Assessment. We continually develop your leadership legacy.

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