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Leaders are faced with complicated challenges. At Fisher, coaching is a key sense-making process that guides our graduate students as they navigate those challenges in their personal and professional life. Coaches use powerful questions and listening skills to help our students move from problems to challenges to opportunities.

The Fisher Professional Development Coaching program tailors each coaching experience to your interests and professional goals. Coaches serve as thought partners in your professional journey – helping you turn any problem, large or small, into an opportunity for growth – through three key experiences:

Coaching Experiences

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Our Fisher Professional Development Coaches

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In the business world, leaders encounter numerous challenges as they hurdle through their journey to success. Coaches not only serve as a guiding force that enables the client to challenge their thought processes, enable different perspectives, and inspire innovative solutions.

We have selected successful alumni and distinguished professionals to serve as our Fisher Professional Development Coaches for graduate students. The defining role of a coach is not to force solutions onto the client, but it is to spark various paradigms within the client to author their own success. Throughout the Fisher Professional Development Coaching program, our coaches will enable you to achieve your desired success.

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Coaching vs. Mentoring

Often times, coaching is mistaken for mentoring. Mentors show you their way, whereas coaches help you craft your own. Simply put, mentors tell and coaches listen.

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