Working Professional MBA
Which option is right for you?

What's the Difference Between On-Campus and Online?

Fisher’s in-person and online Working Professional MBA program provides the same curriculum, career opportunities and world-class faculty from Ohio State. Some optional experiential learning opportunities require an in-person component. Here are a few key points to consider:


  • Networking: There are more opportunities to network with classmates in person by engaging in activities and joining clubs and student organizations while on campus.
  • Structured Learning/Electives: In-person students have more live contact hours, and may excel in a traditionally structured, in-person classroom. Also, some electives may only be offered in-person due to scheduling or the nature of the course.
  • Changing or Accelerating Careers: Students looking to change or accelerate their careers may benefit from additional in-person interaction and opportunities not found online.
  • Campus Life: Access to Ohio State’s world-class facilities to experience its vibrant campus life while building deeper social connections. Have face-to-face interaction with faculty and guest speakers.
  • Minimal distractions: Don’t worry about technology requirements or being interrupted by your kids, pets, spouses, or someone at the door. Your time on campus can be dedicated to learning 100% of the time.
  • Flexibility: Enroll in online classes when you prefer. Personalize each semester to earn an MBA at your own pace.


  • Access to our top-ten on-campus program: Students across the nation can attend a top-ranked school without having to relocate to Columbus.
  • Learn From Anywhere: Your MBA journey doesn’t need to stop due to work, travel or personal life. Earn an MBA from the comfort and convenience of your home.
  • Online Network and Collaboration: Be a part of an immersive experience during Fisher week for on-campus networking opportunities through both professional and social events.
  • Career Acceleration: Online students often look for opportunities to advance within their current company or industry.
  • In-state Tuition: Students from outside Ohio will not be charged out-of-state tuition, but are required to pay a $200/semester non-resident surcharge.
  • Flexibility: Online classes typically provide more asynchronous instruction. Enroll in on-campus classes when you prefer. Personalize each semester to earn an MBA at your own pace.

How you plan to take the majority of your classes in the Working Professional MBA program is how you should apply. As an in-person or online student, the program's flexibility allows you to take up to half of your classes in the alternative delivery mode.  Learn more about course delivery

Example 1: Suzy lives near the Columbus campus and decides she wants to take the majority of her classes in person. She also wants to have the ability to take a few online classes in the summer. Therefore, she should choose the "in-person" option on her application, but she can enroll in online courses as needed.

Example 2: Tom starts the program as an out-of-state resident and decides to apply to the program as an online student. In the middle of the program, he relocates to the Columbus area and wants to start taking classes in person. The flexibility of the program allows him to easily make this happen.

Example 3: Jenny lives a couple of hours from campus and will likely take most of her classes online. However, she would like to enroll in a few in-person quantitative courses, requiring her to drive to campus for class. She should apply for the "online" option, but she can still register for in-person courses.

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Are you a resident of the greater Columbus area?

While the choice is entirely up to you, we encourage those who live within a reasonable distance to our Columbus campus to choose the in-person option. This option allows you the same flexibility to take some classes online.

Non-Residents: WPMBA students from outside Ohio who choose the Online WPMBA will not be charged out-of-state tuition but are required to pay a $200/semester non-resident surcharge.

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