Working Professional MBA
Structure & Curriculum

Curriculum Structure

On-campus, online or both.

From day one, your continued development as a business leader is our singular focus. The Working Professional MBA (WPMBA) program is well-suited for career changers, career accelerators and entrepreneurs. Adjust the curriculum to help meet your schedule and the demands on your time.


One program you personalize

At Fisher, we have one of the nation's best part-time Working Professional MBA educational experiences and we've gone the extra mile to seamlessly integrate our new Online WPMBA into that framework. Because our on-campus and online students are in the same program, you’ll have the benefits of both options when you enroll and won’t have to compromise quality for convenience. Your life is constantly changing. It's an advantage to enroll in an MBA program that can easily adapt while also delivering a proven curriculum focused on principled business leadership, life-long relationships and reaching your unique goals through electives you personalize. It's the best of both worlds.

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Flexible weeknight or weekend classes

Create a schedule of weeknight or weekend classes. Control the workload of your MBA experience by taking anywhere from 1.5 to 9 credit hours in our Autumn, Spring or Summer terms. Choose your own pace: complete the program in as little as two years (6 semesters) or go at a slower pace (the typical time to graduation is 8 semesters or a little less than three years - see a sample curriculum below).

  • Evenings: Mon-Thurs 6:15 p.m.., 1 class = 1 day
    (4:30 p.m. - 6 p.m. class options also available - in-person and online class options)
  • Weekends: Saturday 10 a.m. 
    (Weekend courses are offered online)
  • Take classes in Autumn Spring or Summer semesters. Most students start out with core classes and take the majority of their electives in the summer; the choice, however, is yours.

Course Delivery    Electives

WPMBA Curriculum

On-campus and online students in the Working Professional MBA program take 11 core courses and personalize 21 elective credit hours to reach their total required credit hours. As a part-time student, you’ll select from 2-3 core course sections taught in various delivery modes, which are in-person (on-campus), distance (online) or hybrid. Learn more about course delivery and synchronous vs. asynchronous here.

48 required WPMBA credit hours

Example Course Sequence (6 credit hours)

Below is an example course sequence paced at 6 credit hours or less per semester, or approximately two classes. You can adjust credit hours as you go to accelerate or slow down. While this example starts in autumn, many WPMBA students start the program in Spring instead of Autumn. The choice to enroll in Spring or Autumn semester is entirely up to you. Questions? Email

Basic WPMBA Curriculum

  • Core Courses - 27 credits

    11 Core Courses

    Core MBA courses will strengthen your business foundation through a collaborative and engaging classroom experience. Our intentionally small class sizes allow for team-based projects and hands-on experiences that connect you with peers and faculty that will support and challenge you. 27 of the required 48 credit hours are made up of 11 core courses shown below. Working Professional MBA students should enroll in the evening and/or weekend core courses designated for part-time students.

    • MBA 6243 Managerial Economics (3)
    • MBA 6253 Marketing (3)
    • MBA 6233 Operations (3)
    • MBA 6211 Accounting for Decision Making (3)


    • MBA 6273 Data Analysis for Managers (3)
    • MBA 6202 Leadership (1.5)
    • MBA 6201 Organizational Behavior (1.5)
    • MBA 6223 Finance (3)
    • MBA 6261 Global Environment of Business (1.5)
    • MBA 6281 Professional Development (1.5)
    • MBA 6293 Strategy Formulation & Implementation (3)

    WPMBA Curriculum Guides and Information

    Fisher WPMBA Curriculum


  • Electives - 21 credits

    Nearly half of the required credit hours are electives, providing you with opportunities to pursue topics of interest:

    MarketingOperationsGlobal Business
    Data AnalyticsStrategyNon-profit
    LeadershipFinanceHuman Resources
    Supply Chain ManagementOrganizational Behavioror make it your own!


    Supplement business insights at Fisher with classes from across The Ohio State University, one of the largest in the nation with more than 100 graduate programs, including the Moritz College of Law, the College of Public Health and the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, among others. Connect with us to discuss how we can personalize the degree to your target industry.

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    Are specializations required?

    Specializations are not required as we take an à la carte approach; however, students can choose to specialize within a concentrated area of focus as they enhance their contributions to their current job and prepare for their future careers. While specializations do not appear on your transcript or MBA diploma, they can be used to illustrate a broader knowledge of a specialized topic for those looking to change careers and show experience.

    WPMBA Curriculum Guides and Information

    Fisher WPMBA Curriculum


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