Graduate Minor in Business in Health Sciences

To successfully complete the Graduate Business Minor in Health Sciences, students must compete the following courses:

BUSOBA 7701: Managing Business Operations for Health Sciences (2 cu)

This class examines how operations and supply chain functions contribute to ensuring the effective, efficient and profitable functioning of a business or professional service practice. It examines the flow of materials and information inside and outside the organization and familiarizes students with the fundamentals of best practices in healthcare related businesses.

BUSFIN 7702: Applied Managerial Economics for Health Sciences (2 cu)

This class applies concepts from microeconomics to managerial and organizational challenges, with an emphasis on businesses in the healthcare sector. While the content is grounded in economic theory, it is applied and relevant for business practice and managerial decision-making.

BUSMHR 7703: Leadership, Talent Management & Organizational Behavior for Health Sciences (2 cu)

This class provides an overview of factors that influence individual and team performance and techniques to improve it. It provides analytical frameworks for determining effectiveness of given techniques in specific circumstances.

BUSMHR 7714: Strategy and Competitive Analysis for Health Sciences (1.5 cu)

This class focuses on the determination of the strategic direction of a firm or organization and the management of the strategic planning process. It examines strategic factors critical to understanding why some firms are more successful than others and how industry structures evolve and change over time.

BUSML 7715: Attracting and Retaining Customers for Health Sciences (1.5 cu)

This class explores the process of attracting and retaining customers, including the basic elements of marketing and promotions, customer service and how these can be tailored and developed to work effectively given the external competitive environment.

AMIS 7716: Accounting and Financial Analysis for Health Sciences (1.5 cu)

This class analyzes how managers use accounting and financial reporting information in decision making and performance evaluation. It also focuses on fundamental techniques for financial analysis such as time value of money, risk and return, and capital budgeting.

BUSOBA 7717: Capstone: Healthcare Business Solution Teams (1.5 cu)

This capstone course involves diagnosing and solving real-world problems in life science and healthcare business practices. Mirroring the approach taken by leading consulting firms in stressing an analytical, data driven, problem solving approach; students work with managers at a client firm to systematically analyze a focal business challenge, generate alternative solutions, recommend a course of action that is supported by evidence from secondary data, and communicate actionable steps that may guide implementation of any recommendations.

Did you know?

To earn the Graduate Minor in Business in Health Science, you must complete all courses and attain a GPA of 3.0 or higher in courses counting toward the minor. These classes will not be considered in determining your health sciences GPA.



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