Funding FAQs

What types of aid can I use to fund my study abroad?

All federal and state grants and loans can be used to finance study abroad expenses, including Pell Grants, Perkins Loans and Parent (PLUS) loans. Many campus based scholarships and grants can also be used, as well as University Loans.

Are there any types of aid I cannot use?

Some external loans and scholarships may not be used for study abroad — it is ultimately the donor’s decision how the scholarship is administered. Some departmental scholarships may also be excluded. Read the information about the specific loan or scholarship for additional details.

How do most students fund their studies abroad?

Loans are the largest source of financing for study abroad, and can be redistributed to allow a student a larger disbursement for the semester in which he or she will study abroad.

Will my existing grants or scholarships be automatically increased because I’m studying abroad?

No. Grants and scholarships have a set maximum amount per semester that a student may receive.

How does receiving a scholarship impact my FAFSA?

 By receiving a scholarship, your FAFSA will likely be impacted in some way. Please contact a Student Service Specialist at Buckeyelink to understand how a scholarship will impact your financial package.

What is the deadline for filing the FAFSA?

The Ohio State priority deadline is February 15, but students interested in study abroad during the next academic year are strongly advised to complete and submit the application in January.

What is the deadline for filing the Ohio State Scholarship Application?

The deadline for completing the Ohio State Scholarship Application is February 15.

I am studying abroad on an independent program — what financial aid can I receive?

Students participating in a study abroad program not sponsored by the Office of International Affairs (OIA) should complete a Consortium Agreement. This form can only be used in some cases, so students are advised to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid before initiating this process.

I need to buy my plane ticket a month prior to leaving the country — can I access my financial aid early to pay for it?

No. According to federal regulations, financial aid will disburse 7 - 10 days prior to the term during which the education abroad is scheduled.