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Students sitting in front of Fisher Hall wearing masks

The impact of COVID-19 has been—and continues to be—an incredibly disruptive force in the lives of nearly every person, including students at Fisher College of Business.

The pandemic’s initial impact, of course, forced instruction from the classroom to virtual environments. Outwardly, it was the most visible symbol of the virus’ potential to upend students’ lives. But beyond simply trying to figure out how their business educations would continue, Fisher students faced an onslaught of new challenges that transcended their status as just college students.

For some, the pandemic led to a loss of employment, the cancellation of valuable internships or the rescinding of employment offers. For others, the impact was felt at home, where it created or exacerbated uncertainty related to housing and utility costs.

In many cases, the pandemic tested the will and resolve of our students as they were forced to face COVID-19 head-on. Some were stricken with the virus, while others were suddenly thrown into the position of serving as caretakers for someone fighting the illness. Seemingly overnight, they took on the burden and associated costs with helping a sick loved one, managing unexpected medical or travel expenses, or looking after and ensuring that younger family members continued their educations—all while working toward their own academic growth as Fisher students.

Their dedication to these external demands was truly remarkable; it also, however, revealed a very real need for additional and continued financial support.

Make a gift today to the Fisher College of Business Emergency Relief Fund. This fund provides eligible students with direct support for unforeseen expenses created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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