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At its core, leadership is not about acquiring followers, it’s about creating other leaders. This requires a combination of personal introspection and authenticity, combined with essential skills.


Leadership includes a variety of topics such as the ones listed below. For more information on how we can partner with your organization, please contact us.

Leadership Essentials
Our approach to creating principled and authentic leaders is not via lecturing. Nor is it simply storytelling. It is a leadership experience that includes an exploration of one’s personal life story, and values. The result is a dramatic, personal awakening that creates a fundamental change not just in how people perform, but who they are—to themselves and to others.

Change Leadership
Change leadership focuses on the fundamental truths about change and the implications for managers. We explore change vs. transitions, and the psychological experience of change. We offer practical methods for dealing with resistance and resistors in change situations, and we explore frameworks for successfully leading change efforts across the organization.

Personal Influence
Personal influence begins with better managing one’s own behaviors. This involves the exploration and application of strategies for understanding and managing relationships in the workplace. Tools for approaching relationships, recognizing others’ needs and desires, and managing negotiations and are presented, practiced and perfected.

Ethics and Leadership
Business decisions bearing ethical consequences have always been extremely difficult. In today’s business environment, the impact and implications of ethics is getting ever-greater scrutiny, and is a concern for business leaders. Establishing an “ethics core” and using a framework for ethical decision-making can assist in achieving a best-practice results.

Talent Management and Team Effectiveness
Here the focus is on those critical elements necessary to build and sustain a high-performance workplace, and getting the most from individuals and from teams. We begin with alignment of business strategy and HR strategy, we study the characteristics and dynamics of work-based teams, and we explore tools for motivating and measuring team performance.

Effective Communication
Effective communication—at the right time, with clear goals and focus—is essential to both personal and organizational success. Importantly, these communications go well beyond simply exchanging information. Together we explore and apply fundamental communications principles to combat common workplace problems, and lay the foundation for stronger relationships.



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