Student Investment Management
The Rosenfield Family Prize

The Rosenfield Family Prize for Excellence in Security Analysis is awarded each semester to a graduate or undergraduate student at Ohio State University who develops the best security analysis report on a company each semester. The prize is open to current students in the Student Investment Management (SIM) program of the Fisher College of Business.

Reports for which the prize are awarded represent professional-quality analysis of the company, developed independently by the student to justify an investment recommendation on a stock. An executive summary (cover page) indicating a specific target price and target investment horizon for the stock investment must be included, as well as a detailed analysis of the position. Positives and negatives supporting the recommendation must be outlined, with consideration of the company's fundamental and technical valuation drivers and business and financial strengths.

Submitted reports should be in the form of an executive memorandum and can be supported with charts, tables, and figures. A good report draws on many of the resources available to Ohio State University students, such as Thomson Financial’s StockVal, Datastream, Worldscope, IBES, FirstCall, Standard & Poor’s Compustat, Wharton’s Research Data Services, Reuter’s BridgeStation, and Bloomberg. Electronic submissions are welcome.

Reports may be accompanied by the presentation slides used for a SIM class presentation. Submitted reports are not judged by the investment outcome associated with the recommendation, but by the quality of the exposition and analysis they contain.

Students are invited to submit their reports by the end of the 12th week of each semester. The awards will be made in the first week of the following semester. Graduate and undergraduate students who have participated or are currently participating in SIM classes (Business Finance 4228 or 7225) are eligible to participate. A committee of external evaluators will judge the winners.

One $2,500 Excellence Award will be made to the top student report and one $1,000 Honorable Mention Award will also be made to the runner-up student report.

The Rosenfield Family Prize for Excellence in Security Analysis is provided for by a generous gift to the SIM program by Ohio State University alumni Jack and Dan Rosenfield.

For more information, contact Professor Kewei Hou, Student Investment Management Program, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University, 820 Fisher Hall, Columbus, OH 43210-1144, (614) 292-0552,