Message from the Dean

Dean Makhija

For more than a century, The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business has served as a destination for bright young minds, rigorous academic thought leaders and leading organizations seeking to harness the power of both.

But the success of any organization relies not on where it has been, but where it is headed. The coming years will be characterized by monumental change — a changing landscape in business; a changing environment in higher education; and constant changes in technology. How our community of students, scholars, alumni and partners chooses to respond to this change, understand it, and learn from it, will be the true measure of our growth as an institution of higher learning.

Change brings with it opportunity — the opportunity to better understand the needs of our students and the workforce into which they will graduate; the opportunity to innovate on our educational offerings and utilize technology to expand our campus beyond our physical location; and the opportunity to engage the more than 80,000 Fisher alumni, friends and partners throughout the world in new and exciting ways.

We are at an important crossroads in the future of our college and a point at which future generations of Business Buckeyes will look back on as a watershed moment. We intend to embrace these opportunities, lean into this transformation and enter an era where change is championed by our entire college community!

I invite you to join us as we create the principled leaders that will redefining our next century of business and business education!


Anil K. Makhija
Dean and John W. Berry, Sr. Chair in Business