Annual Diversity Business Awards

Diversity Business Award Winners

In order to recognize those in the corporate community who have done so much to further diversity goals, particularly those of the college, the Fisher College Educational and Professional Diversity Committee recognizes their efforts through the Fisher College of Business Diversity Business Awards.

Congratulations to 2016 award winners Lynette Smith from 3M in the Individual Category and to the Ohio Society of CPAs, represented by President and CEO Scott Wiley. See here for details.

Awards are bestowed based on one or more of the following

  • Corporations and/or individuals who have been effective in outreach to diverse students by contributing to academic success through scholarships, sponsorships, classroom involvement and other activities.
  • Corporations and/or individuals who have helped to develop the professional advancement of diverse students through internships, mentorships, recruitment, and other career readiness activities.
  • Corporations and/or individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to community diversity outreach and efforts
  • Corporations and/or individuals whose hiring and retention practices have helped to create a more diverse workforce
  • Corporations and/or individuals who have initiated innovative programs which support the development of a more inclusive corporate culture

Please note that current Fisher faculty, students and staff are not eligible for this award.

Past recipients

For more information about the annual diversity awards, please contact Annual Diversity Awards, 200 Fisher Hall, 2100 Neil Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43210 or diversityawards@fisher.osu.edu.