David Thompson is a Senior Lecturer for The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, teaching classes for the undergraduate, MBA and Executive Education programs.  Additionally, he coaches and consults business leaders on change management, leadership, and team effectiveness.

Over the last 25 plus years, David has served in talent development roles in corporations such as Microsoft, NetJets and Resource Interactive. Leading change initiatives such as flexible work arrangements at Microsoft, enhanced performance management programs at NetJets and creating a learning university for Resource Interactive.

David was actively involved in contributing to his profession by serving as the chair of the WorldatWork Work Life board, creating, and delivering certification programs throughout the US and globally, including Hong Kong, South Africa, and the Sultanate of Oman.

Early in his career, David created and led employee wellness programs which were directly tied to reducing health risks with organizations health care plans. These organizations include Montana State University and Purdue University.

David earned his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration at Purdue University – with a research emphasis on organizational culture and change, and an MS in Wellness management from Ball State University. His publications include Organizational Culture Change, Introduction to Worklife Effectiveness, The Flexible Workplace (WorldatWork, 2002, 2003), and Seven Levers of Change Effectiveness for Work-Life Effectiveness (WorldatWork Journal. 16(1), 54-61.

On the personal front, David is an avid fly fisher, fishing water across the US, catching and releasing bass, trout (brook, rainbow, brown, steelhead) salmon, snook and tarpon (no bone fish.... yet). 


PhD in Higher Education Administration, Purdue University

MS in Wellness Management with a concentration in Organizational Communication Ball State University

BS in Fitness Education, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse


BUSMHR 3200 - Managing Individuals in Organizations: Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
Principles for managing the performance of individuals and groups in organizations; introduction to organizational behavior theory and its application to staffing, training, compensation, and appraisal. Prereq: Econ 2001.01 (200) and 2002.01 (201), or equivalent. Not open to students with credit for 3100 (400) or 701. Not open to students enrolled in UUSS, UExp or PreBSBA-PR.
BUSMHR 7236 - Crucial Conversations
Building skills for handling tough conversations; practical ways to manage disagreement and disappointment in a constructive manner. Provides method for straight talk that moves people and positions forward. Principles further build a capacity to hold people accountable while increasing commitment & performance. Drives impact and competitive advantage at the leader, team and organizational level.
BUSMHR 7022 - GAP: Global Applied Projects
Students plan and execute real-world consulting engagement. Spring 2: students attend lectures on project management, cultural awareness, other relevant topics, and work part-time on self-managed teams guided by Coach/Faculty Advisor. In May, students travel abroad, work full-time to complete assignment and deliver final presentation to client. By application only. Mandatory info session. Prereq: Permission of instructor.
BUSMHR 7629 - Prof Business Communication Skills
The purpose of this course is to create and build a baseline of communication skills used in business and industry. In addition to foundation skills, the course focuses on key elements of style and "polishing up techniques" in the presentations arena. Prereq: MBA 6281.01. Not open to students with credit for 7268.
BUSMHR 7263 - Leadership for SMB Finance Students
An overview of factors that influence individual work performance and techniques; analytical frameworks for determining effectiveness of given techniques in specific circumstances. Prereq: Enrollment in SMB Finance program, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for MBA 860.
BUSMHR 3000 - Advanced Topics in International Business
Advanced topics in international business including strategy, alliances, and exchange. Prereq: 2000, 2292, AcctMIS 2300, BusOBA 2320, and 2321. Not open to students with credit for 4010 or International Business Minor students.