Laurel Grassin-Drake

Assistant Professor

Management & Human Resources


Areas of Expertise

  • International Business
  • Global Strategy and Organizational Design
  • Managing Global and Cross-Cultural Virtual Teams
  • Organizational Identity
  • Temporalities


  • MA Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MA Columbia University
  • MBA Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • BA Swarthmore College
  • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)


MBA 6261 - Global Environment of Business
Political, economic, social and technological forces shaping today's global business environment. Prereq: Enrollment in MBA or WPMBA program, or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 820.
BUSMHR 4020 - Cross Cultural Management
Basic elements of culture and its impact upon business. Prereq: 2000.
BUSMHR 4010 - International Business Strategies
This course highlights how firms make decisions to go abroad, select among foreign markets, and develop international strategies to enhance their profitability and long-term competitive advantage. It will also highlight economic and political risks of international business and discuss ways that firms can mitigate these risks. Prereq: 2000. Not open to students with credit for 3000, or International Business Major students.