Master of Human Resource Management
Tuition & Funding

MHRM Starting Salary: $77,750 (median)There are many options available to students to help fund an MHRM education, ranging from part-time jobs to scholarships, fellowships, and federal and personal loans.

Learn about merit-based funding

The total cost of enrollment in the MHRM program is determined by the student's residency status and total credits each semester. Full-time students must enroll in 8 or more credit hours and are assessed full-time fees/tuition, while part-time students usually take 6 credits per semester. The number of credits you enroll in per semester determines your tuition. View the curriculum page for additional details.

Estimated tuition and fees are for 39 credit hours for full-time enrollment. Tuition is based on the University Registrar's fee schedule . Subject to change.

Tuition (3 semesters, full-time)Cost
Ohio Resident Tuition and Fees*$27,771
Non-Resident and International Student Tuition and Fees*$64,453

*Includes the following: General Tuition & Instruction, Student Activity Fee, Student Union Fee, Recreation Fee, Learning-Technology Fee, COTA Bus Fee.

Ohio Residency for Tuition Purposes

Military Applicants

Military applicants will automatically qualify for in-state tuition under the Ohio G.I. Promise. Fisher takes a deliberate approach to recruiting highly-qualified military servicemen and women. Military & Veteran Benefits >

Are You An OSU Employee?

If you are a full-time employee of The Ohio State University and pursuing the program part-time, you may be eligible for the Faculty/Staff Tuition Assistance benefit. View a sample employee statement summary. View the Part-Time MHRM Students page for additional details

Merit-Based Funding

All admitted full-time MHRM applicants are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships; a scholarship application is not required. Recipients are notified prior to their admissions response deadlines.

Fisher Graduate Assistantships (50% tuition coverage, 10-hours a week)

The Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) program awards a handful of Graduate Assistant (GA) appointments each year. A GA appointment is 10 hours per week and provides a 50% tuition waiver and a monthly stipend. Depending on the financial aid budget each year, all admitted applicants are automatically considered for GA appointments available each year; an application is not required. 

Merit-Based Cash Awards

The MHRM program offers limited, merit-based cash awards (ranging in value) to select incoming students. The Admissions Committee will use your application to determine whether you qualify for these awards. There is no additional application or information needed from the student for this consideration, but we encourage you to complete your application to create the best opportunity for consideration for this competitive financial support. 

Ohio State University Fellowships

Fisher College of Business may nominate its strongest MHRM candidate for The Ohio State University’s fellowship programs. These fellowships provide a full waiver of tuition and general fees, plus a monthly stipend ($2,000) for one year. The application deadlines for fellowship nominations are much earlier than all other application deadlines.   

Fellowship guidelines: The nominee must have a minimum cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 3.6 (on a 4.0 scale). Those submitting test scores should score in the top 25% on the GMAT or GRE to support their nomination to the University Fellowship competition.

University Fellowship Webinar Recording


Ohio State’s Student Employment website maintains an online posting of both on-campus and off-campus job opportunities, also including graduate associateships and research positions.


Loans are financial aid that can be accepted and must be paid back within a specified period of time after a student graduates, leaves college or falls below half-time enrollment. Loans provide students and their families with flexibility because the money may be used for tuition and other expenses associated with college attendance. Federal loan programs offer lower interest rates and more flexible repayment plans than most private loans.

Federal Loans

U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for government-sponsored federal loan programs. Ohio State participates in the Federal Direct Loan Program where students borrow directly from the federal government.

For more information regarding the Federal loan program please visit the Student Financial Aid website.

Student Financial Aid


Applicants interested in borrowing through federal loan programs are encouraged to complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 1 each year. Although admission decisions may not be provided before this deadline, submitting the FAFSA by this time is still encouraged. Read about borrowing limits and other information about federal loans.

Private Loans

Credit-based loans are funded by various lenders and are often used to supplement the Federal Direct Loan Program. Interest rates vary, are adjusted quarterly, and are higher than the federal loan program. Repayment of principle and interest begins six months after leaving school. Students with adverse credit standing will be required to have a cosigner.
Ohio State does not promote or endorse any private educational loan lenders. FASTChoice is a loan comparison tool that assists borrowers in selecting a private loan. Please review lender information carefully and contact the lender with questions. FASTChoice lists several of the loan companies from which our students have chosen to borrow during the previous aid year.

International Student Loan Options

Most loan programs require U.S. citizen co-signers. However, the two funding sources listed below do not require U.S.-based co-signers. We offer this information to prospective students with no endorsement implied or expressly stated by The Ohio State University or Fisher College of Business.