Freshman Global Lab

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Germany, the largest economy in Europe and the top ranking country on the World Bank's Logistics Performance Index, provides the setting for Freshman Global Lab. Freshman Global Lab gives students admitted directly to the Fisher College of Business the opportunity to earn 1.5 credits during two weeks in Hamburg, Germany. The program includes visits to leaders of manufacturing, experts in logistics and an internationally renowned port to highlight BUSML 3380: Logistics Management curriculum in an applied setting. Accommodations are based in Hamburg, the largest port city in Germany, known as the "Tor zer Welt" (Gateway to the World). Explore the city, from the Holy Roman Empire to WWII, from sweet Franzbroetchen to flavors of the local night market. Around every corner a new adventure awaits!

More Information and Application

  • General Information

    Locations: Hamburg, Germany
    Travel Dates: May 11 - May 25, 2024
    Class Enrollment: Summer Session 1 (online + in-person)
    Academic Credit: BUSML 3380 (1.5 credit hours)
    Faculty: August (Mike) Knemeyer
    Program Fee: $4,376
    Application Deadline: January 3, 2024 at 11:59 pm
    Information Session: already passed

    “This was my first time out of the United States, and I absolutely loved it. The sights were spectacular, the food was delicious, the guest lecturers were endlessly knowledgeable and passionate, and my classmates were exceptional without exception! The two weeks flew by so quickly, and yet I felt as though I'd known the other participants for years.”

    -Anonymous Participant
    May 2022

    This program was amazing, since it was a group of 30 freshman students most of which I didn't know before flying over the Atlantic. Since we had all just finished our first year, we were each in the same boat and we were all in this trip together through the good and the bad. For the majority of us, this was the first time we had traveled without family, so we were able to make our own little family of Ohio State students in Hamburg. We always had each others backs. It was also so great that this program was two weeks long since we had the perfect amount of time there. In this time we were able to really get to know our Ohio State staff and build relationships with all of these people that we will have when we go back to campus in the fall.

    -Anonymous Participant May 2019

    Check out this article about Freshman Global Lab alumna Rachel Boakye and how her global experiences have enhanced her time at Ohio State!

  • Eligibility

    In order to be eligible to apply for this program, students must have a cumulative 2.75 GPA and meet OIA's General Eligibility Requirements and Conditions for Participation.  

    Applicants must: 

    • be enrolled as undergraduate student at Ohio State
    • be a first-year student admitted directly to Fisher College of Business at the Columbus campus (at time of application) OR a business/pre-business student from the Marion, Newark, Lima, or Mansfield campus*
    • complete or test out of Math 1075 by the application deadline of January 3, 2024
    • Preference is for students to have completed ECON 2002.01: Principles of Macroeconomics and ECON 2001.01: Principles of Microeconomics before the dates of travel
      • Instructor permission must be sought if only ECON 2001 or ECON 2002 are completed by the end of spring semester 2024. Preference is for ECON 2001: Principles of Microeconomics to be the course completed.
    • have no student record actions of "Warning," "Probation" or "Probation by Special Action"

    *This study abroad course is classified as a Columbus-campus class. Regional campus students need to have 30 credit hours after high school and a 2.0 GPA or above to qualify for campus change and be eligible to take this class. If regional campus students fulfill those requirements by the end of their first spring semester, they will be able to take this course in May 2024 (summer term). 

    All students will also be required to participate in on-campus pre-departure orientations organized by the Office of International Affairs.

  • Next Steps


    1. Read the program brochure
    2. Attend an information session (see "Announcements" tab on the brochure for up to date times and links).
    3. Ask clarifying questions: Email the program manager for inquiries not covered in the information session (contact information is listed at the bottom of the page). 
    4. Review the "Finance" tab on the program brochure
    5. Apply for scholarships: If you have a declared major in Fisher, you will be eligible for the Fisher Global Grant. Admitted students will also be able to apply for an archive an additional scholarship from the Department of Marketing and Logistics.
    6. Clear your schedule: If you are accepted into this program, you must be able to attend the required course (see the "Academics" tab on the brochure for course information). 
    7. If you're an international student, review the FAQ's about studying abroad as an international student. 

    8. Apply for the program! As you sit down to access the application, make sure you have:

      • Your passport number. If you have not received your passport, or have not yet applied for one, you may still complete the online application, but remember that you may not participate in a study abroad program without a valid passport. Passports are taking up to 18 weeks, so please make sure you have ample time to apply for or renew an expired passport. 
      • Your Ohio State advising report, saved as a PDF to attach to the application.
      • Names and contact information of the individuals you would like contacted in case of an emergency.
      • A $150 application fee is required for all education abroad program applications. Should you choose to start an application, you will be notified to pay the application fee when it has been assigned as a material due. This application fee will be refunded only if you are not accepted to your study abroad program, if your program is canceled or if you withdraw your application prior to the application deadline.


Contact Information

Alyssa Kyff

Program Manager

Office of Global Business
Mason Hall 222
250 W. Woodruff Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43210, USA